TODAY’S VERSE: Ecclesiasticus 4:2

Do not add to the sufferings of the hungry


One of the qualities of a good Christian is the fact that he or she is able to incarnate the practical love and compassion of Jesus Christ. We are faced today with myriads of problems today around us. Like Jesus Christ, we must not pay blind eyes to the sufferings of the poor around us. If we cannot help the poor and the hungry, we must not add to their plights..

The hungry and the poor around us are very precious in the sight of God and if we oppress them then we should be ready to face God’s wrath. 

If the Lord has blessed us materially, it is not meant to oppress the poor and the hungry. Material wealth is a responsibility of feeding the hungry and the poor entrusted to us by God and until we do that, we cannot have fulfillment. One cannot be a good Christian without compassion….



Posted by Rev. Fr. Sebastain Sanni