Scriptural verse: Let your garment be always white and the oil on your head must not go dry.


White garment here is a symbol of purity and oil is a symbol of consecration and anointing. If you reflect on how the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles of Jesus, it descended on their heads in the form of tongues of fire, to purify and give them a new oil for the work of evangelisation. There is a strong connection between the white garment and oil on our head. The garment of holiness can only keep sparkling as long as the oil is active.

Oil lubricates, for people who keep hair, they know the importance of hair creams. Oil in a spiritual sense here is meant to lubricate us spiritually. The more we fall in love with God, the more he refreshes us daily with this oil. We must understand that God does not revoke his gifts from us but when we become careless through the life of sin, the oil that sustains the gift can go dry. The difference between the high Priests and the Apostles of Jesus Christ was that the high Priest taught the people with the oil of the law whereas the Apostles of Jesus taught the people with the oil of the Pentecost, oil of the spirit and grace. We should not allow sin to dry this oil of God in us…