Your garment should always be white and the oil on your head must never go dry


Every child of God has the capacity to live a holy life. But the capacity to live in a way that pleases God begins to diminish as we consciously begin to distance ourselves from God and His commandments. Purity brings out the beauty of God in us. It makes us to reflect the glory of God. The devil knows the power of purity that is why he tries to discourage people from treading that part.

Our garment can only shine and reflect the glory of God as long as we maintain the oil on our head to be fresh. The beauty of our spiritual garments is attached to the freshness on the oil on our head. By the time the oil on our head is dried, our garments will longer be beautiful and attractive but it will begin to distract and annoy people. Whenever we pray, it is not the volume of our voices that give power to our prayers but our purity. If one maintains personal spiritual purity and groans in prayers, that prayer is louder than using the whole microphones or public address systems in the world. God calls us today to embrace purity because it give power to our prayers…