Scriptural verse: Acts 2:2

When suddenly there came from heaven a sound of a violent wind which filled the entire house in which they were sitting.


The Apostles of Jesus locked themselves in a room because they were afraid of what the Jews will do to them. The Apostles of Jesus were suffocated with fear and the wind of the Holy Spirit blew that fear away. We were not told anywhere in the scripture that the violent wind destroyed anything. The violent wind was that of spiritual revolution.

We appreciate our fans and air conditions most during the period of heat and some of us even use hand fans. In a village setting, some people sleep outside to get fresh air. In the same way, our world today is crowded with evil that many people have embraced and even though they have air conditions in their cars and houses, they still suffocate spiritually. We should pray to be ventilated by the Holy Spirit from every spiritual suffocation. Until we are ventilated by the power of the Holy Spirit, our presence cannot ventilate our environment. We need the ventilation of the Holy Spirit to free us from the heat of sin, corruption, immoralities and ungodly habits. Without the ventilation of the Holy Spirit all these vices can suffocate us spiritually.