You have the book of the law always on your lips, meditate on it day and night.


The bible contains the Word of God and all those who study and pray the Word of God draw strength from it. I want you to weigh your daily relationship with your cell phone and your bible. Check the attention you give to your phone. Is it not true that some of us drive and ping? Others drive and reply whatsApp messages. There are other people who at their leisure time also play games and go to social media just to spend time there but only few will remember to bring out their bible to fellowship with the word of God.

There is need for us to ask why many Christians are lazy and lukewarm towards studying the word of God. Every morning some of us spend quality time reading the dailies to be current with the worldly news whereas they have no time to hear from God in his Word and be current with the spiritual news. Today people prefer to pose with their latest phone and make show of it than to carry the bible. The devil is happy about the ignorant state of many Christians concerning the bible. If you are ignorant of the Word of God, you are ignorant of God says Saint Jerome. Studying the Word of God is one the ways to renew our daily relationship with God.