SCRIPTURAL VERSE: I Corinthians 12:10

To another is given discerning of spirits



Discernment means to recognize and distinguish between things and people. Discernment can come in different ways. At times, it may come as a vision where we see things that are beyond the physical world. I have met many people who have seen evil spirits in the form of animals. This is not to say the animal itself  is the evil spirit, but this is how it is revealed. This is a clear example of a vision that is not seen in the physical. Discernment is given to believers as a gift of the Holy Spirit.


Discernment does not refer only to discerning evil spirits. There are classes of spirits that we encounter in our Christian life. We have the good angels, the Holy Spirit, human spirit. The gift of discernment is only effective when it is under God’s control. We need the gift of discernment today more than before because the level of deception in our age today is more than before. Discernment makes us to discover brethren whose actions are toxic to the Christian community and prevent the spread of their evil activities.