Today’s verse: Isaiah 41:10a

Fear not, I am with you



Frightening people is a very profitable entertainment for the devil. The devil and his cohorts scare people and put great fear in them. Fear is one demon that is out to eat our confidence in God. There are times when we want to embark on a very serious project in life and all of a sudden, the devil discourages us through fear and the courage to continue with our pursuit is no longer there. There are other times when we want to make a very serious decision in life and the devil, through fear, will make us feel that it will end in failure.


The devil operates in an atmosphere of fear. The devil makes use of fear to unstable us both spiritually and physically. Fear is one tool the devil uses to rob us of our joy, confidence in God, attaining greater heights and inner peace. God gives us the assurance of his presence with us as an antidote to fear. Sometimes I have discovered that fear comes in when there is a gap in our personal relationship with God. Fear is part of human emotion but when we abandon God, we experience unhealthy fear. Fear makes us unable to function. The presence of God gives us confidence to overcome unhealthy fear.