TODAY’S VERSE: Isaiah 1:15

When you raise your hands in prayer, I will hide my face.


Most often we are very quick to brand people who are blessed with eloquence with the Word of God as very holy people. We see people who can speak in tongues for hours as supper humans. They have knowledge of the Word of God. They have successfully digested the word of God but could not internalise what God is saying in their lives. They sin even more than the people they lead. They practice cosmetic spirituality. They voices when they prayer, can bring down the roof of the building but their hearts are far from God.

One thing we must realise is that, it is not the volume of our voice that gives credence to prayers. It is not the volume of our voice that makes our prayers so powerful but what gives power to our prayers is holiness. If we not make effort to embrace personal holiness and we keep shouting in our various prayer meetings when our life is full of sins we have deliberately refused to repent of, it is what I call carnal noise. We may speak with the Word of God eloquently if we are full of carnality, we are only motivational speakers to the people. We only appeal to their emotions and not to their consciences and hearts….