TODAY’S VERSE: II Samuel 6:14

And David danced whirling round before Yahweh with all his might wearing a linen loincloth.


Praising God was a tradition and culture that David maintained  in his life time. David fought so many battles as a King and was most successful in most of them. Today, when the ark of the Lord that was captured was brought back, he danced almost naked as a King. This hysterical worship of David was a reflection of his inner gratitude to God for His protection and mercy.

Today like David, we are called to make worship a habit. The glimpses of culture of praise should not be seen in us only when we receive certain favors from God. If we praise and worship God always, we receive more from him.

Another thing that is worthy to note is that; David’s dance was laced with pure heart. It was not the dancing skills of David that attracted God’s blessings upon him but his pure hearts. We may even dance more than David, if our hearts are not in peace with God, our dance is empty in content… Make praising God a culture in your life and you will never regret it. God bless you…