Scriptural verse: 2 peter 2:20

And anyone who has escaped the pollution of the world by coming to know our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and then allows himself to be entangled and mastered by it second time ends up by being worse than he was before.


            It is not enough to renounce a particular habit. when we do that, we need to intensify our daily relationship with God. It is through this relationship that grace is made available for us not to go back to our old self that we renounced. If there is any sin that has become a habit to you and has enslaved you, the moment you intensity your daily relationship with God that habit or sin will begin to loose grip of you.

            If we refuse to maintain this relationship and life of grace with God, the danger is that when we go back to what we renounced before, we will do more than before because the devil will so increase our appetite for evil. When we renounce a particular lifestyle that is displeasing to God, we need to be consistent in prayer. When we so much rely on our human effort, we will go back to the old self but when we rely on God, grace is made available for us.