TODAY’S VERSE:Matthew 8:5-6
When he went into Capernaum a centurion came up and pleaded with him. ‘Sir, He said, “My servant is lying at home paralysed and in great pain.”

There was a young man who used to serve his master. He was very humble and committed in his work. At a time he fell ill and needed to go for a transplant and when his masters heard of the money involved, he dismissed the young man and paid him off. The young man carried out the transplant based on the generosity of the people. Even when people went to plead with this man, he turned them down.

The centurion was a good man. He could have paid this his servant off but he behaved in contrast to this his person whose story I just shared with us. He did not ask his servant what he was doing with his salaries but he went to Jesus for the sake of the servant. The centurion refused to be a spectator of pain and and also refused to wait for the servant to die. God wants us to share our care and love with others. Like the centurion, God wants us to act on behalf of the weak, poor and oppressed in the society.